2016 Points Standings

(When viewing results online, search by last name or select division from the drop down box on right side- divisions are not listed in order) 

At the end of the year we hold a special awards Gala for the top 3 point series winners in each division.The next awards Gala is scheduled for December 3, 2017.

Please Note! You must compete in at least 2 of the 5 San Diego Triathlon Series Events to be eligible for final results placings at the end of the year.
2015 San Diego Triathlon Series Awards

2015 San Diego Triathlon Series Awards

Points are awarded to the top 10 individual participants in each category. 
Points will be awarded as follows for the Triathlon AND Duathlon:
**Spring Sprint Triathlon, Duathlon, Aquabike and Youth Races
**San Diego International Triathlon, Int. Aquabike and Sprint Triathlon
**Solana Beach Sprint Triathlon & Duathlon
**CVC San Diego Half Triathlon, International Triathlon, Int. Duathlon, Int. Aquabike, Sprint Triathlon, Sprint Duathlon, Sprint Aquabike and Youth Races
**Mission Bay Sprint Triathlon, Duathlon, Aquabike and Youth Races

New Events added to the 2017 Series:

**Rock the Bay San Diego Triathlon, Olympic Triathlon ,Duathlon, Aquabike, Sprint Triathlon Duathlon Aquabike 

ALL SDTS Aquabikes and Youth distances will now receive points!

PLACE    SPRINTS    International   Half
1st              10                  15                20
2nd            9                   13                18            
3rd             8                   12                16
4th             7                    10                14
5th             6                    9                12
6th             5                    7                10
7th             4                    6                9
8th             3                    5                7
9th             2                    3                5
10th            1                     2                3

You must compete in at least 2/6 SDTS Events to be awarded points towards end of the year placement.  If you compete in at least two events, you will be awarded points for the 2017 Series.  If you compete in two events, but only place (1-10 for points) in one, you will still be awarded the points for the event you placed in.  

*Points will not be awarded for relay teams
*In case of a tie for 1-3 place, the participant who enters the most events will break the tie
*If you change division categories during the same year series (i.e. Male 20-24 to Clydesdale) the points will not roll over.  PLEASE ONLY CHOOSE ONE DIVISION for the entire year.

2016 Point Standing - updated 12/1/2016

2016 SD Tri Series Award - Didn't make the Gala? You can still order your award Here

2015 Tri Series - updated 11/10/15

2015 Du Series - updated 11/10/15


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