Duathlon Start - First Run

Duathlon Start - First Run

About Duathlons - How do I start?


Run - Bike - Run

Come Saturday to the Expo and Pick up your Race Packet and Stay for one of the course talks.
1. Arrive Early and check into the transition area
2. Rack your Bike in the area marked for your Wave (wave will be assigned to you on your packet Pick up sticker or look for the Wave Schedules Board at Registration area.)
3. Go to the Body Marking Area - Volunteers will be putting your race info on you calf and arm. (Do not apply sunscreen until after body marking is done)
4. Do A Warm up before you start 
5. Transition closes early for some races it’s at 6:45 am, so all your gear needs to be set before this time and you must exit the area. Leave your bike, helmet and bike shoes with your bike. You should be wearing all of your running gear including bib number. 
6. Be Ready with your running gear and proceed to the duathlon start line - the duathlon start line will be marked somewhere near the start of the run course for the triathlon
7. Listen for your start - the duathlon will typically be the first event to go, before the swim waves begin.  Check the wave schedule for exact duathlon start time. 
8. The First Run. This first run is typically a short 1 mile if doing the sprint or 5K if doing the International distance.
10. After first run you will run (or walk) to the transition area "swim in" typically.  You should listen to instructions at the start line to know where you will enter back into transition after the first run. This information will also be in the final information posted on the website and emailed to you prior to the race. 
11. Switch to your biking gear - Helmet on and fastened before you move your bike.
12. Un-rack your bike and run (or Walk) to the "Bike Out" exit
13. You MAY NOT mount the bike until you are past the “Mount Line” which is clearly marked outside the transition area. Do your ride and make sure you know how many loops of the course you need to do before the start. When you return, dismount just before the clearly marked “Dismount Line.” 
14. Run or Walk bike back into the transition area through the "Bike In" Entrance.
15.Rack your bike and then unclip helmet – Then change over to your running gear. Some people will wear the same outfit through out the entire event since you are not getting in the water. Running Shoes, Race Belt with number attached, (or your number can be pinned to your shirt before the race start,) Hat, sunglasses and run to the RUN OUT Exit.
16. The Second Run. This run is not the same distance or typically the same route as the first run. Run your races’ designated number of laps (this is something you must know before the start) and then race to the finish line.

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