Triathlon RELAYS

Triathlon is Fun with Friends, join a Relay Team! Relay Teams are formed of 2 or 3 competitors that compete as a team to finish the Triathlon. Only one person is on the course at a time, all team members must complete at least one section of the course. The Team Captain must register all participants and Name the Team!
For example,

Team “Awesome Sauce” is formed by 3 Members: Kim, Jacob, & Jen.
Kim – Swims, Jacob – Bikes, Jen – Runs

Team “Jazzy” has just 2 members: Lisa and Carrie
Carrie – Swims, Lisa – Bikes, Carrie - Runs

All Team members must come to packet pick up, show Photo ID and show USAT Card (or purchase a USAT one day insurance waiver.) Members of the team can come together or at different times and each will be given what they need for their part of the event. 
The team Swimmer will be given an Ankle Bracelet Timing Chip – This ankle Chip is the Team Batton and must be passed between team members in transition. The ankle chip is on a Velcro strap that goes around your LEFT ankle.
At Packet Pick Up, Team Members Receive their T-Shirt and:
Swimmer -The colored swim cap, wristband to get in transition, and ankle timing chip, 
Cyclist - The helmet number, wristband to get in transition, and bike frame number,
Runner - The Bib number and wristband to get in transition.

All passing of the timing chip ankle bracelet must occur at the team’s bike transition area. The Swimmer will run / walk from the water into the transition area and will meet the team at the bike rack. The swimmer then removes the timing chip and passes it to the cyclist directly (who is ready to go with helmet on and buckled. The cyclist puts the chip on and then runs or walks out to the “Bike Out” area. The cyclists MAY NOT mount the bike until they are past the “Mount Line” which is clearly marked outside the transition area. When the cyclist returns, the cyclist must dismount just before the clearly marked “Dismount Line.” The cyclist then walks or runs back to the teams’ transition rack and passes the timing chip to the runner who starts running and exits at the designated “Run Out.” All other team members should then exit and go to the finish line area to cheer in the racers and wait for their runner to come in. The runner will cross the finish line and all team members get Finisher medals and if your team if Fast you may earn yourselves a place on the podium for awards.
Awarded Team Competitions are for:
•    Men
•    Women
•    Combined Age - Mixed - 119 and under (both men and women) 
•    Combined Age - Mixed - 120+ (ages of all athletes =120+)