Awards Timing & T-Shirt Questions

If I didn’t stay for the award ceremony, how do I go about getting my award?

You can stop by our office and pick it up. We request that you call before coming to make sure that we are in the office. The office address is:

9939 Hibert Street #105, San Diego, CA 92131
Tel: (858) 268-1250

Office Hours:
Tuesday – Friday
9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


Where can I find the race results?

Triathlon results and split results will be available the night of the race at https://timberlinetiming.com/. The results will be up on our website under the results menu for each event the Tuesday morning after the race

What if I there is a issue with results or I don't have any?

The best way to resolve a dispute with the results is to e-mail the timing company. The best e-mail to contact them is:


They will get back to you as soon as they can.  Please do not call/email us with results inquiries.  We do not have access to the timing info and we will tell you to email Timberline Timing.


Which ankle do I wear the timing chip on?

You can wear the timing chip on either ankle.  Make sure to step on all of the timing mats during the race.

What if I still have my timing chip? Where do I mail it to?

If you did not return your timing chip at the finish line please mail it in a padded envelope Or, drop it off in person to our office above during office hours. 


What if I forgot to pick up my T-shirt at the race?

You can stop by our office and pick it up. We request that you call before coming to make sure that we are in the office and that we have your size available.

What if they ran out of my size at the race?

We do the best that we can to order the correct sizes for all of our participants. The sizes that we order are based on what people sign up for upon registration. If we ran out of your size we will do the best we can to provide you with a shirt that you can wear. However, we can not guarantee all t-shirt sizes.

Lost & Found

If I lost something at the race, how do I find out if it was found?

If you lost something at the race feel free to email us at info@kozenterprises.com. Any lost and found items that we have will make it to the office and we will have them available for you to pick up.