Race Day Questions

What do I need to bring on Race DAY?


What type of food will be available at the finish line?

We provide race participants with a continental breakfast at the end of the race. We typically have bagels, muffins, bananas, oranges, water and juice at the refreshment table at the finish line. There is also a FREE beer garden for all race participants.

What if I need a swim buddy?

Swim buddies are there for encouragement only. Please do no rely on a swim buddy to be your personal lifeguard or personal swim course escort at the event. You must be capable of swimming the course on your own. While we do our best to provide swim buddies at each triathlon event, they are not guaranteed.

Where can I find my results after I finish the race?

The results will be posted by the beer garden once they are ready.They will also be posted by Tuesday morning following the event on the website.

What if I lost or misplaced an item?

We do our best to keep a lost and found during the race. Our announcer will announce any lost phones or cameras. If it is not found during the race, please email us at info@kozenterprises.com.