How do I get a paper entry form? 

Paper entry forms are available on each race website- under the registration tab. The address to mail the entry forms to are on the each entry form. 

What are the divisions that I can register for?

  1. Age Division (5 year increments)

  2. Elite (This division is for pro triathletes, a copy of your USAT Elite License is required for this division, please email a copy to info@kozenterprises.com)

  3. Military (valid military ID is required)

  4. Clydesdale & Athena (Males over 220 lbs, and females over 165 lbs)

  5. Clydesdale & Athena 40+ (Males over 220 lbs aged 40 and above, females over 165 lbs aged 40 and above)

  6. Challenged (This is for challenged athletes)

What are the relay divisions that I can register for?

  • Mens (all men relay)

  • Womens (all women relay)

  • Mixed (men and Women)

  • Mixed 120+ (all three ages combined add to 120 or more)

What if I want to race in the elite division?

In order to race in the elite division, we require that you send us your racing resume. If you qualify to race in the elite division, we will contact you and let you know. Send to info@kozenterprises.com

What are the requirements for registering for Clydesdale?

For men, you must be over 220 lbs and for women you must weigh over 165 lbs.

If I register for the Clydesdale & Athena division, do I have to weigh in?

Registration for the Clydesdale division is based on the honor system. We trust that if you register in that division that you are, in fact, over the weight limit.

What if I am having trouble registering online (Active.com)?

If you are having trouble registering online there are a few things that you can try before contacting ACTIVE.

1.)    If it says that the registration is closed before the expected sell-out date, make sure that the listed race date at the top is for the correct year. (Previous year’s registrations are still listed up on Active.com)

2.)    If the year is correct, try refreshing your browser (by pressing F5 on your keyboard)/*.

3.)    If it still doesn’t work, try closing out the window and starting over completely.

4.)    If you are still having trouble registering, you will need to contact Active’s Customer service. The phone number for Active’s customer service is: 1-877-228-4881 or you can e-mail support@active.com. 

Why is there a $10 late fee to pick up your packet on the morning of the race?

We charge a $10 late fee on the morning of the race for several reasons. We discourage participants from picking up their packet on the morning of the race to prevent long lines at registration on race morning, to allow for any registration changes to be made prior to race morning, and to allow participants to ask last minute questions that they may have prior to race morning.

Can I Change My Racing Distance?

You may change your racing distance or type (such as as moving from triathlon to aquabike or duathlon etc.) If the race you wish to move to has a higher registration price, you will be asked to pay the difference in price. You may also do this online on your Active.com account. If you have tried to change your race online and have trouble then please call our office or send us an email.

Please Note: After Monday of Race Week -ALL REGISTRATION QUESTIONS, CHANGES, INQUIRIES, UPDATES MUST OCCUR in person at the Pre-Race Check-Ins Friday / Saturday or on Race Morning. We will not be able to make any changes by email or phone. This includes: changes in event type, switching out a relay member, changing event division, etc.

For general questions we will not be in the office to answer calls after Thursday of race week. Please come to packet pick up.

Refund Policy:

Due to the number of race transfer requests and cancellations that occur in the weeks prior to a race we have the following policy that is in accordance with USAT & USATF Policy.  Refunds will NOT be issued after a registration has taken place. Considerable effort goes into producing an event and funds are expended and applied in good faith based on a registration.  If you would like to change your registration from one distance to another, you will be charged for the difference in price at the time of the change. 

Thank you for your support!  Unfortunately all entries are non-refundable.

If you registered through Active.com and purchased the registration insurance when you registered online via Active.com, please visit the registration protection page.